Sightings reported to the MoD on 30/31st March 1993

There were a number of sightings reported to the MoD on the night under discussion. Below is a summary, set out in order of the reported time of the sighting. Note that all times in this section are local, known to the military and some civilian organisations (eg civil airline authorities) as "ALPHA" or "LIMA" and often abbreviated as "(A)" or "(L)". This detail takes on some importance later, where timings were, or might have been provided as GMT which is normally used in military signals by default and designated as ZULU (Z).To further add to the confusion, British Summer Time had only come into force 2 days earlier (Sunday 28th March), meaning that the clocks should have been set 1 hour forward (later). Some people make the error of setting their clock or watch to 1 hour earlier, or neglect to reset them at all.

The list of sightings below is based on a handwritten list compiled by Sec(AS)2a, but some items on this list are missing date and/or time details. Additionally, the quality of some of the copies received from the MoD was very poor, and some details were unnecessarily obliterated. It has therefore taken considerable effort to piece together the full picture from the disorganised array of notes in the Sec(AS)2a file.

Anyone who has dealt with witness reports and followed them up on a regular basis will know that certain elements of their descriptions are sometimes inaccurate. Time, compass directions, height, dimensions, speed, and movement of the object can be particularly unreliable, even those reported by the most "expert" of witnesses. For example, reports that were later identified as a star or planet have been described as "moving jerkily at very high speed" and in some cases where a witness has been visited and asked to point out where they saw the object and the path it took, their reported directions have been significantly inaccurate. This is reflected in the MoD standard report form although it would appear that Sec(AS)2a did very little to try to corroborate these elements in most cases, and have simply accepted the witness testimony as it was presented.

  1. ??/3/93 ??:??, Exeter, Devon.

  2. 30/3/93 21:00, Quantock Hills, Somerset.

  3. 30/3/93 21-22:00, Bridgewater, Somerset.

  4. 30/3/93 21-22:00, Bishop's Lydiard, Somerset.

  5. 30/3/93 21:30, Penistone, South Yorkshire.

  6. 30/3/93 22:10, Wadebridge, Cornwall.

  7. 30/3/93 23:40, Bradway, near Sheffield.

  8. 31/3/93 00:15, Haverfordwest, West Wales.

  9. 31/3/93 00:55, Bristol.

  10. 31/3/93 01:09, Rugeley, Staffordshire.

  11. 31/3/93 01:10, Rugeley, Staffordshire.

  12. 31/3/93 01:10, Plymouth, Devon.

  13. 31/3/93 01:10,Treharris, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

  14. 31/3/93 01:10, East Harptree, nr. Bristol.

  15. 31/3/93 01:10, Ilfracombe, Devon.

  16. 31/3/93 01:10, Crymych, Pembrokeshire (W.Wales).

  17. 31/3/93 between 01:10 and 01:17, Taunton, Somerset.

  18. 31/3/93 between 01:10 and 01:17, Minehead, Somerset.

  19. 31/3/93 01:10, Moorswater, Liskeard, Cornwall.

  20. 31/3/93 01:10, Liskeard, Cornwall.

  21. 31/3/93 01:15, Grateley, Hampshire.

  22. 31/3/93 01:15, RAF Cosford, near Wolverhampton.

  23. 31/3/93 01:15, Rugeley, Staffordshire.

  24. 31/3/93 01:15, Bridgewater, Somerset.

  25. 31/3/93 01:17, Penistone, South Yorkshire.

  26. 31/3/93 01:20, Braunton Burrows, Devon.

  27. 31/3/93 01:30, St.Ives, Cornwall.

  28. 31/3/93 02:00, Bridgewater, Somerset.

  29. 31/3/93 02:40, RAF Shawbury.