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  ABOUT US [What this site is about]

“ Depend upon it that he who loves making mysteries for the sake of mystery making is ultimately and in big things a fool, and therefore dangerous.”
Arthur Machen (1915)

This site exists to publish the findings of experienced British UFO researchers Dr David Clarke, Andy Roberts, Joe McGonagle and Gary Anthony. See Biographies links for detailed information about us and contact details.

What you will find here is the joint result of decades of research, both in the archives and in the field, spanning the entire history of the UFO phenomenon in the UK. The main focus is on the British Government’s involvement with the subject, acting as a showcase for our discoveries at The National Archives (TNA). It will also feature hitherto unseen material obtained using the UK’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Why ‘The Real UFO Project’? Simply because, despite claims to the contrary, the British Government has never carried out a sustained study of this baffling subject. By collating evidence of official studies, investigations of high profile sightings and interviews with key personnel we hope to piece together the facts behind a subject plagued by extraordinary claims but rarely backed up with tangible evidence.

How to contact the site owners:

We are always interested in hearing from anyone who wishes to tell us about their experiences with UFOs or other supernatural phenomena, or their knowledge of Government investigations of the unexplained. If you have any British UFO memorabilia including magazines, posters, letters, film footage, audio recordings or any material pertaining to the subject we would like to hear from you.



“Unless stated otherwise the material on this site is owned by the authors and is copyright protected. Material can be used as long as appropriate credit is given. We will vigorously pursue and expose plagiarists.”